The special innovative device for water treatment produced under the license and sold by the Swiss Medical Group as medical equipment. The device is patented and has passed all the necessary clinical and medical tests in the different countries of the world, in particular in the USA, GB, Switzerland, France, Germany and Israel. According to the results of the conducted successful tests, as the protocols and results, the device is recommended for use in urban water supply systems. The device has obtained all necessary certificates and permissions, and also the recommendations of the physicians of the world’s leading medical centers.

The device provides treatment:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Stones in a gall bladder
  • Stones in the kidneys
  • Stones in the prostate
  • Stones in the salivary glands
  • Stone and the plaque on the teeth
  • Inflammation of the internal organs
  • Polyps of the internal organs
  • Prostatitis
  • Gout
  • High cholesterol level
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Kidney disease

and etc.

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The first major task of the device is the treatment of atherosclerosis. As it is known, in the countries of Europe more than half of the deaths associated with the development of the diseases of the blood vessels and the heart. Prevention is needed for every man after forty years. You must understand that your health is in your hands and use of the very efficient device should start as early as possible to avoid negative consequences and expensive treatment in the future. It is easier to prevent than it already contend with the fact that written as the diagnosis.

The main task of the device – remove various stones, salts and any adjournment of any consistency from organs and tissues of human and domestic animal. In addition the device is fully disinfect the water, making it much safer and healthier for your body. It is important to understand that the device is recommended for application in any case, for all the inhabitants of the cities, regardless of whether You have a problem and the disease or not. The photo shows you, that the special innovative device is of white color. It is a cylinder measuring fifteen seven inches.

The device performs the function of prevention. In this respect the unit works perfectly. Using the device, you will get a guaranteed protection of your body from stones and other deposits in tissues and organs. It is envisaged by the conditions of our contract. The special innovative device is delivered by mail, bundled with the CD disk and all the necessary documents, which guarantee high quality of this product. The disk and all packaging elements are of a holographic sticker.

The CD disk is included in the kit is supplied with the device of documents has ninety-popular science film and video installation instructions. The film tells you how serious health problems now you can avoid using this special innovative device. Having familiarized with the materials You have no more questions on installing and using this product. The film used the statistics of the leading medical clinics and laboratories, which have tested this special innovative device.

For your convenience, the complete set of documents, together with the special innovative device is instruction in printed form in 25 languages of the world. The printed manual is easy to use in daily treatment and prevention. The instruction contains illustrated data on all diseases, as well as by the hour reception specially treated water. You can simply open this manual for a few minutes and you will find the answer to any question that you may receive into the daily operation of the special innovative device.

The special innovative device, CD disk, manual, a set of documents, contract, certificates are for convenience in a single box black. Coverage of this box and all its internal elements is made of black velvet and pleasant to the touch. When You want to make a gift for your loved ones, relatives or friends is very convenient and practical, as You should not think additionally on package. According to its appearance the special innovative device is a luxury products of the highest international standards.

This device, You can manually apply in an apartment or a country house. It can be used by all family members without limitation. The service life of the device is three years. For a guaranteed service life of the device is used autonomously and does not require any maintenance. After three years of operation, you need to send the unit in the service. For 30% of the cost will be the replacement of consumable items and the device will be sent to you in any part of the World by DHL, with which the Swiss Medical Group has been concluded the contract on servicing of our customers.

The device is designed in accordance with the adopted standards ISO 9000. The medical equipment has the highest level of quality and fully complies with the international standards in the field of improving the quality and performance of products.

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